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Simple History

Track user activity on your WordPress site

The easiest way to catch admin changes#

Simple History is a WordPress plugin that keeps track of the changes the admin users on you site make –
like what pages do they edit (and what changes did they make), what plugins do they install, what images do they upload, and so on.

Simple History is pretty much the number one essential tool for WordPress sites with multiple admins, authors, editors, or basically any other kind of user.

All the info you need right at your fingertips.#

All logged activities in Simple History includes carefully selected information for each event. Where many other plugins only show a short message Simple History shows the important details.

When you install a plugin you will see information about the author and a the url to the plugin. When an image is uploaded you will see a thumbnail of the image and its size. Change a post and information about the changes will be shown.

Find old history events with the easy to use search function.#

If you need to find past events the search and filter feature is here for you.

Use filters to quickly dig down events by for example free text search, event type, log level, user, or date.

100.000 failed login attempts over night? Not a problem.#

To prevent the graphical interface from being flooded with repeated events of the same type, for example failed login attempts from hackers, the interface will only show the latest event, but with a link to the other events. This makes it more easy for you to see other events in the log, events that could have been “stuck” between all the other events otherwise.

Multiple log levels. Because not all events are equally important.#

Every logged event in Simple History get assigned one of the log levels specified in The Syslog Protocol. There are 8 severities specified and they help you keep your history categorized and easy to filter.

For example a failed login attempt may be of severity warning, but a successful login may only be of severity notice.

Extendable with a simple API for developers.#

If you are a developer you can easily extend Simple History. Use the History API to log anything you want. Or create your own logger class and make all your logged entries searchable and filterable.

User reviews #

Works really well
We have a large membership site and the auditing is very useful to show user activity and protect us against fraud. Other plugins have failed us, but this one works really well and tracks a very [...]useful complement of user interactions. It also doesn't seem to use a large amount of system resources either. We're so pleased to have found it. Read more »
November 23, 2016
Very Good
Hello, [...] Thank you for this excellent plugin. I have an advice for next versions.1. 60 days limit is not good. We would like to change itI think this is not difficult for you. I checked your profile. Almost all plugins of you have 5 star rating 🙂Congratulations Read more »
November 19, 2016
Great Plugin just one thing is missing
I like the clear description of the recorded events, especailly that changes in posts are shown. Using the extended search one can drill deep into the actions taken by a specific user. However, one [...]thing I find importantis missing - the ability to export or print the records. Hopefully this will be available in the future. Read more »
November 1, 2016
Very useful and extensible plugin
Simple History is super useful when trying to figure out why the site is not behaving as expected. Check the log, and find who installed a plugin / changed a setting / modified the content and more. [...] The best feature of this plugin is definitely the wide array of available filters available to extend and customize exactly what should be logged. Thank you so much for this excellent plugin – I have just donated to support development of this plugin. Read more »
October 30, 2016
Really useful plugin
This is a really useful plugin that allows you to keep an eye on what is happening on your site without any difficulties.
October 21, 2016
Bjørn Johansen (bjornjohansen)
Bjørn Johansen (bjornjohansen)
Well done!
Very well done, with a pleasant and well thought of interface in wp-admin.Thank you!
October 17, 2016

RSS feed#

An RSS feed of all your changes is available.