Add-ons for Simple History

Add more functions to Simple History using these add-ons.

Extended Settings

Adds more configuration options to Simple History.

  • Control Log Retention (how many days to keep the log)
  • Control number of logged failed login attempts
  • Option to store full IP-addresses
  • Option to add Google Maps Key to view map location of user login attempts
  • Message Control
  • JSON feed

WooCommerce logger

Get detailed info when someone edits WooCommerce related things. It has support for logging when someone:

  • edits an order
  • modifies a product
  • changes a coupon
  • adjust the settings

Developer Tools (coming soon)

Loggers and tools useful for developers and admins.

  • View emails being sent using WP_Mail.
  • View requests made using for example POST and GET HTTP methods.
  • View when wp-cron jobs have been run