Simple History 2.40 released: IP address related changes

Simple History 2.40 adds some nice things related to IP addresses:

  • When a user successfully logs in the IP address is now also shown for that user. Previously the IP address was only shown for failed login attempts.
  • If multiple IP addresses are detected, for example when a website is running behind a proxy or similar, all IP addresses are now shown for failed and sucessful logins. Previously only the REMOTE_ADDR was shown.
When a user logs in the IP address will now be shown. Or multiple IP addresses if the web server is behind a proxy or similar.

Simple History 2.39.0 released: support added for WP Crontrol

Simple History version 2.39.0 adds support (adds a new logger) for the plugin WP Crontrol. It’s a very useful plugin for developers that want to see and control what’s happening in the WP-Cron system.

Thanks to WP Crontrol author John Blackbourn for adding support for WP Crontrol.

Screenshot of WP Crontrol events displayed in the Simple History main feed
Screenshot of WP Crontrol events displayed in the Simple History main feed

After this update Simple History will log when cron events are added, edited, deleted, and manually ran, and when cron schedules are added and deleted.

Simple History 2.38.0 released

This version makes is possible to log things early in the WordPress “boot process”, i.e. before the after_setup_theme hook and more post types using the block editor is now logged. Thanks to the people who contributed to this release!

Detailed changelog:

  • Changed: It’s now possible to log things before the after_setup_theme hook by using the SimpleLogger() function. Before this change calling SimpleLogger() before after_setup_theme, or on after_setup_theme with a prio smaller than 10, would result in a fatal error (Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class 'SimpleLogger' not found). Props
  • Changed: More custom post types that use the block editor (“Gutenberg”) should now have their changes logged. Props

Version 2.29.2 includes fixes for recent ACF update

The very nice WordPress plugin Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) was recently updated to version 5.7.10 and with that update some internal functions was removed. Unfortunately Simple History used one of these functions. Version 2.29.2 of Simple History is a small update that fixes the problem that some users had after the ACF update.

As alway, if you like Simple History please consider giving it a nice review as a thank!

Changelog for version 2.29.2 (JANUARY 2019):

Simple History version 2.29 adds PHP 7.3 compatiblity, and more

Changelog for this release

2.29 (DECEMBER 2018)

  • Make log welcome message translateable.
  • Add two filters to make it more ease to control via filters if a logger and the combination logger + message should be logged.
    1. “simple_history/log/do_log/{$this->slug}” controls if any messages for a specific logger should be logged. Simply return false to this filter to disable all logging to that logger.
    2. “simple_history/log/do_log/{$this->slug}/{$message_key}” controls if a specific message for a specific logger should be logged. Simply return false to this filter to disable all logging to that logger.

    Code examples for the two filters above:

[code lang=text]
// Disable logging of any user message, i.e. any message from the logger SimpleUserLogger.
add_filter( ‘simple_history/log/do_log/SimpleUserLogger’, ‘__return_false’ );

// Disable logging of updated posts, i.e. the message “post_updated” from the logger SimplePostLogger.
add_filter( ‘simple_history/log/do_log/SimplePostLogger/post_updated’, ‘__return_false’ );

  • Fix notice in Redirection plugin logger due because redirection plugin can have multiple target types. Props @MaximVanhove.
  • Fix warning because of missing logging messages in the categories/tags logger. Props @JeroenSormani.
  • Fix warning in the next version of PHP, PHP 7.3.

Simple History featured on Tidy Repo

Tidy Repo is a great site with a curated list of the best and most functional WordPress plugins. I’ve followed the site for a long time so I’m very happy to see that they now have a review of Simple History.

They begin by saing that

The Simple History plugin is a fantastic tool that records everything and lays it out in a simple interface so you can keep track of everything.

And they summon up the review by saying

Based on its popularity it’s easy to see that Simple History is practically an essential plugin for anybody who uses WordPress, so if you’re not already using it, we urge you to give it a try.

Read the full review over at Tidy Repo at be sure to read their reviews of other WordPress plugins.