🚀 Simple History 4 released

This update of Simple History contains some big changes – that you hopefully won’t even notice!

Simple History is more than 13 years old now (🥳) and even if it’s a fully functional plugin with few bugs, much of the code base is showing age.

In 10 years many new PHP versions and WordPress versions have been released and it’s finally time for the plugin to take advance of many of the new features that newer versions of PHP bring, for example namespaces. Yes! Believe it or not but back in 2010 – when the first version of the plugin was released – PHP 5.2 was a very common PHP version with no support for namespaces. Hey even PHP 4 was still a thing back then 😱.

Supporting multiple versions of PHP was time consuming and stressful. A single comma at the wrong place would crash WordPress for any users running on PHP version earlier than 7.

Newer versions of PHP also has some nice features like Null Coalescing Operator, Return type hints/Return Type Declarations, Trailing commas in arrays and function calls, Arrow functions, Array spreads, Null coalescing assignment operator, the list goes on! And maybe best of all: PHP 7 is much faster than version 5.

So that’s why from now on Simple History requires PHP 7.4 or later.

Version 4 of Simple History is also a major version because it contains many incompatible API changes.

But don’t be frightened – for a regular user there is hopefully no noticeable change. I have worked hard to make this version as backward compatible as possible.

Some loggers got new and updated messages in this version. For example the logger for Data Erasure requests and Personal data exports got some updates.


= 4.0.0 (June 2023) =

🚀 This update of Simple History contains some big changes – that you hopefully won't even notice.

For regular users these are the regular additions and bug fixes:


- Minimum required PHP version is 7.4. Users with lower versions can use [version 3.4.0 of the plugin](https://downloads.wordpress.org/plugin/simple-history.3.3.0.zip).
- Minimum required WordPress version is 6.1.
- Categories logger does not log changes to taxonomy `nav_menu` any longer, since the Menu logger takes care of those, i.e. changes to the menus.


- Log if "Send personal data export confirmation email" is checked when adding a Data Export Request.
- Log when a Data Export Request is marked as complete.
- Log when Personal Data is erased by an admin.
- Log when a group is modified in Redirection plugin.
- Added context key `export_content` to export logger. The key will contain the post type exported, or "all" if all content was exported.


- Fix error on MariaDB databases when collation `utf8mb4_unicode_520_ci` is used for the Simple history tables. Reported here: [https://wordpress.org/support/topic/database-error-after-upgrade-to-wordpress-6-1/](https://wordpress.org/support/topic/database-error-after-upgrade-to-wordpress-6-1/).
- Privacy logger is logging the creation and selection of privacy page again. It stopped worked because [a WordPress core file was renamed](https://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/43895).
- Log when a groups is enabled, disabled, or deleted in Redirection plugin.

👩‍💻 For developers there are some bigger changes, that is noticable:

- The plugin now uses namespaces – and they are loaded using an autoloader.
- The code has been changed to follow [WordPress coding standard](https://developer.wordpress.org/coding-standards/wordpress-coding-standards/). This means that for example all functions have been renamed from `myFunctionName()` to `my_function_name()`.
- The update to PHP 7.4 as the minimum required PHP version makes code more modern in so many ways and makes development easier and more funny, since we don't have to worry about backwards compatibility as much.
- Many more tests using [wp-browser](https://wpbrowser.wptestkit.dev/) have has been added to minimize risk of bugs or fatal errors.

A more detailed changelog that probably most developers are interested in:


- Add cached = true|false to AJAX JSON answer when fetching events or checking for new events. It's a simple way to see if an object cache is in use and is working.
- Most of the code now uses namespaces.
  - The main namespace is `Simple_History`.
  - The main class is `Simple_History\Simple_History`.
  - Dropins use namespace `Simple_History\Dropins` and dropins must now extend the base class `Dropin`.
  - Loggers use namespace `Simple_History\Loggers` and loggers must extend the base class `Logger`.
- Add hooks that controls loggers and their instantiation: `simple_history/core_loggers`, `simple_history/loggers/instantiated`.
- Add hooks that controls dropins and their instantiation: `simple_history/dropins_to_instantiate`, `simple_history/core_dropins`, `simple_history/dropins_to_instantiate`, `simple_history/dropin/instantiate_{$dropin_short_name}`, `simple_history/dropin/instantiate_{$dropin_short_name}`, `simple_history/dropins/instantiated`.
- Add filter `simple_history/ip_number_header_names`.
- Add methods `get_events_table_name()` and `get_contexts_table_name()`.
- Call method `loaded()` on dropins when they are loaded (use this instead of `__construct`).
- Make sure that a dropin class exists before trying to use it.


- Improved code organization with the introduction of namespaces. Code now uses namespaces and classes (including loggers and dropins) are now loaded using an autoloader.
- Functions are renamed to use `snake_case` (WordPress coding style) instead of `camelCase` (PHP PSR coding style). Some examples:
  - `registerSettingsTab` is renamed to `register_settings_tab`.
- Remove usage of deprectead function `wp_get_user_request_data()`.
- Rename message key from `data_erasure_request_sent` to `data_erasure_request_added`.
- Rename message key from `data_erasure_request_handled` to `data_erasure_request_completed`.
- Applied code fixes using Rector and PHPStan for better code quality.
- Add new class `Helpers` that contain helper functions.
- Move functions `simple_history_get_current_screen()`, `interpolate()`, `text_diff`, `validate_ip`, `ends_with`, `get_cache_incrementor` to new helper class.
- Function `get_ip_number_header_keys` is moved to helper class and renamed `get_ip_number_header_names`.
- Class `SimpleHistoryLogQuery` renamed to `Log_Query`.
- Class `SimpleLoggerLogLevels` renamed to `Log_Levels`.
- Class `SimpleLoggerLogInitiators` renamed to `Log_Initiators`.
- Dropin files are renamed.
- Move init code in dropins from `__construct()` to new `loaded()` method.
- Rename `getLogLevelTranslated()` to `get_log_level_translated()` and move to class `log_levels`.
- Rename message key `user_application_password_deleted` to `user_application_password_revoked`.
- Context key `args` is renamed to `export_args` in export logger. This key contains some of the options that was passed to export function, like author, category, start date, end date, and status.
- Ensure loggers has a name and a slug set to avoid development oversights. `_doing_it_wrong()` will be called if they have not.
- Logger: Method `get_info_value_by_key()` is now public so it can be used outside of a logger.
- Logger: Method `get_info()` is now abstract, since it must be added by loggers.
- For backwards compatibility `SimpleHistoryLogQuery`, `SimpleLoggerLogLevels`, `SimpleLoggerLogInitiators`, `SimpleLogger` will continue to exist for a couple of more versions.


- Function `simple_history_add` has been removed. See [docs.simple-history.com/logging](https://docs.simple-history.com/logging) for other ways to add messages to the history log.
- Unused function `sh_ucwords()` has been removed.
- Removed filters `simple_history/loggers_files`, `simple_history/logger/load_logger`, `'simple_history/dropins_files'`.
- Unused class `SimpleLoggerLogTypes` removed.
- Removed logger for plugin Ultimate Members.
- Removed patches for plugin [captcha-on-login](https://wordpress.org/plugins/captcha-on-login/).
- Remove dropin used to populate log with test data.
- Remove dropin used to show log stats.
- Examples in examples folder are removed and moved to the documentation site at docs.[simple-history.com](https://docs.simple-history.com/).
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