• Simple History 4.11.0

    This release comes with better support for roles when editing users, and some user requested enhancements to the export function. Enhanced User Role Support: Improved detection and display of changes to user roles, including the addition or removal of multiple roles. This enhancement has been tested with the plugins Members and Multiple Roles. Issue #424.…

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  • Simple History 4.7.2

    This release contains some small changes: This is the new icon logo that will be used as favicon on this site, and it will be used on the plugin listing page.

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  • Simple History 4.5.0

    Simple History 4.5.0 is now available for download. This version adds some smaller new features and improvements. Most noteworthy is that the Debug tab now detects if the Simple History database tables are missing. Some users had issues with the plugin after moving their website using tools that did not include the tables used by…

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