Simple History 4.11.0

This release comes with better support for roles when editing users, and some user requested enhancements to the export function.

Enhanced User Role Support: Improved detection and display of changes to user roles, including the addition or removal of multiple roles. This enhancement has been tested with the plugins Members and Multiple Roles. Issue #424.

Adding and removing one or multiple roles is now displayed in the log.

Export Enhancements: User roles are now included in both CSV and JSON exports, providing more detailed account management and audit trails. Issue #423.

Date and Timezone Improvements in Exports: The CSV export feature has been updated to include dates with the current timezone, in addition to the existing GMT dates. This change ensures that time-sensitive information is accurately reflected and easily understood, regardless of the user’s location. Issue #422.

The CSV export now contains a column with the local date and a column with the role of the user that performed an action.

This version also fixes a PHP notice error during CSV exports of the log.