Simple History 4.10.0

This release contains some nice addition and improvements to the way that terms are logged.

The biggest change is that now terms that are added or removed on a post or page is shown in the log. This makes it even easier to follow what edits are being done on your website by other users.

Screenshot of terms being added and removed from a post:

Screenshot of terms being added and removed from a post.
Screenshot of terms being added and removed from a post.

Another improvement is the way that adding (or removing) many terms in a short time is shown in the log. They are now grouped by their type, meaning that many added terms in a short while is shown as one event with a “+n similar events”-link to show more. Previously they were shown one by one, possible making it difficult to get a quick overview over the latest web site activities.

The following screenshot shows the new behavior:

Screenshot that shows the new behavior of grouped terms.

And the next screenshot shows how it used to look. Repetitive and taking up to much space.

Screenshot that shows the old behavior when adding terms, i.e. not grouped.

Also noticeable for new users of the plugin is the improved welcome message that greets the user after installing the plugin.

Screenshot of new welcome message.
The new welcome message. More information and nicer formatted.


🚀 Added

  • Add logging of terms (custom taxonomies and built in tags and categories supported) added or removed to a post. #214.

✨ Improved

  • Terms that are added, removed, or modified are now grouped. #398.
  • Show a bit nicer and more helpful welcome message after install. #418.
  • Show a more user-friendly and informative welcome message after installation. #418.

🔧 Fixed

  • Missing translation in sidebar. #417.
  • ‘Activated plugin “{plugin_name}”‘ message after first install.
  • Duplicated plugin installed and activated messages after first install. #317.

🗑️ Removed

  • Remove usage of load_plugin_textdomain() since it’s not required for plugins that are translated via #419.