Simple History 4.8.0 – introducing add-ons

I’m happy to announce the release of Simple History 4.8.0.

✨The biggest change in this release if the addition of add-ons. See the announce post for add-ons for more information.


  • Add support for add-ons. Add-ons are plugins that extends Simple History with new features. The first add-on is Simple History Extended Settings that adds a new settings page with more settings for Simple History.
  • Add last_insert_data property to Logger class.
  • Fix position of navigation bar when admin notice with additional class “inline” is shown. Fixes #408.
  • Update logotype.
  • Fix notice when visiting the “hidden” options page /wp-admin/options.php.
  • Move functions get_pager_size(), get_pager_size_dashboard(), user_can_clear_log(), clear_log(), get_clear_history_interval(), get_view_history_capability(), get_view_settings_capability(), is_on_our_own_pages(), does_database_have_data(), setting_show_on_dashboard(), setting_show_as_page(), get_num_events_last_n_days(), get_num_events_per_day_last_n_days(), get_unique_events_for_days() from Simple_History class to Helpers class.
  • Remove unused function filter_option_page_capability().
  • Update coding standards to WordPressCS 3.
  • Misc code cleanup and improvements.