🚀 Introducing Add-Ons for Simple History

Today I’m happy to announce add-ons for Simple History! ✨

Image shows a collage of some of the settings available in the Extended Setting add-on.

Since Simple History was created 13 years ago it has stayed pretty much the same: easy to use with a nice looking interface that matches the look and feel of WordPress itself. A useful tool for all users.

And that’s the way the plugin will stay.

But – I also want to be able to offer more functions and features, for those who want. So that’s why I with the latest release have added support for add-ons.

Add-ons are WordPress plugins that extend the functionality of Simple History. They add things like more settings or add more functions.

The first available add on is called “Extended Settings” and it has some features that has been requested in the support forums and in support emails.

I hope you will like the add-ons as much as I do. I use them myself on all my personal websites and find them very useful.


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