Simple History 4.5.0

Simple History 4.5.0 is now available for download.

This version adds some smaller new features and improvements.

Most noteworthy is that the Debug tab now detects if the Simple History database tables are missing. Some users had issues with the plugin after moving their website using tools that did not include the tables used by Simple History when moving. Hopefully this addition makes such errors easier to debug.

Complete changelog for version 4.5.0


  • The debug page now detects if the required tables are missing and shows a warning. This can happen when the database of a website is moved between different servers using software that does not know about the tables used by Simple History. Fixes issue #344 and support thread Missing table support among others.
  • Add filters simple_history/feeds/enable_feeds_checkbox_text and simple_history/feeds/after_address.
  • Add action simple_history/settings_page/general_section_output.
  • Add filter simple_history/db/events_purged that is fired after db has been purged from old events.
  • Add helper functions required_tables_exist(), get_class_short_name().
  • Add function get_slug() to Dropin class.
  • Add function get_rss_secret() to RSS_Dropin class.
  • Show review hint at footer on settings page and log page.
  • Add functions get_instantiated_dropin_by_slug(), get_external_loggers(), set_instantiated_loggers(), set_instantiated_dropins(), get_instantiated_services() to Simple_History class.
  • Dropins and services are now listed on the debug page.


  • Order of settings tab can now be set with key order in the array passed to add_settings_tab().
  • Rename network admin menu item “Simple History” to “View History” to use to same name as the admin menu item.
  • Purged events are logged using the simple history logger (instead of directly in the purge function).
  • Refactor code and move core functionality to multiple service classes.