Simple History 4.7.0 – new logo and shortcut to settings

Today I’m happy to announce the release of Simple History 4.7.0.

🆕 The most notable changes in this version is a new logotype for Simple History. You can see it on the dashboard widget and on the history page. The logo is made by Swedish art director Anna Ågren. The logo is simple and clear, just like the plugin is.

The new logo for Simple History.

🔗 This version also adds a shortcut to the settings page, both from the dashboard widget and from the history page. Previously the settings page was only accessible from the settings menu and probably not that many people had found their way to it. This change makes the settings page easier to find. Also, it will be called “Settings & Tools” from now on, because it also contains tools like Export and Debug.

Dashboard widget with logo icon and a new settings gear icon, that is a link to the Settings & Tools page.
The history page with the new logo and a new shortcut to the Settings & Tools page.


  • UI changes, including a new logo and a shortcut to the settings page.
  • Add function get_view_history_page_admin_url().
  • Add filter simple_history/log_row_details_output-{logger_slug} to allow modifying the output of the details of a log row.
  • Misc internal code cleanup and improvements. View diff of all changes.