Arguments for the RSS feed.

Using query string arguments you can control what to include in the RSS feed. Some examples:

Only include post and user related events:


Only include events about core updates and failed user logins:


The RSS feeds supports the following query string arguments:

posts_per_pageHow many posts to include per page. Default is 10.&posts_per_page=20
pagedWhat page to show. Default the first page, i.e. 1.&paged=2
date_fromShow events from this date in format YYYY-MM-DD.&date_from=2023-08-08
date_toShow events until this date in format YYYY-MM-DD.&date_to=2023-08-12
loggersComma separated list of loggers to include.&loggers=SimplePostLogger,SimpleUserLogger
messagesComma separated list of loggers and messages to include.&messages=SimpleCoreUpdatesLogger:core_updated,SimpleUserLogger:user_login_failed