“Recents” – a new plugin for quick access to pages in the admin bar

Screenshot of the WordPress plugin "Recents". The WordPress admin bar is visible with a new menu item called "Recents" open that displays a list of posts of pages. The items are grouped by headlines "Today" and "Yesterday".

The developer behind Simple History released a new WordPress plugin last week: Recents. While Simple History gives you a feed of many things that happen on your WordPress site, the Recents plugin focuses on only bringing you quick access to pages and posts that your recently has been working.

You can read more about this plugin at RecentsWP.com.

Press release from the developer:


Introducing “Recents” Plugin: Simplifying Access to Edited Pages in WordPress

Stockholm – June 21, 2023 – Swedish developer Pär Thernström announces the launch of “Recents,” a new WordPress plugin designed to provide editors with quick and easy access to their recently edited pages. By adding a convenient menu item to the admin bar, Recents allows WordPress users to instantly navigate to their ten most recently edited posts, streamlining their workflow.

“After years of working with page edits across various sites, I often found myself spending excessive time searching for the pages I was actively working on. Recents has significantly reduced that burden and made my daily tasks more efficient,” says Pär Thernström, the plugin author.

Recents for WP is available for $8, with included updates until the next major version.

**About the Developer**
Pär Thernström is an experienced WordPress developer who has created several successful plugins, including the widely-used site history plugin, Simple History (https://simple-history.com).

For more information, screenshots, and to download the Recents plugin, please visit the official plugin webpage at http://recentswp.com.

**Press Contact:**
Pär Thernström
Email: par.thernstrom@gmail.com
Mastodon: https://mastodon.social/@eskapism

Screenshots of plugin: