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WP CLI command added and file edits now logged

WP CLI command to view user activity is now added to Simple History. The current support is pretty basic, but it’s a nice addition anyway I must say. A simple wp simple-history list command will give you a listing of the latest events. You can also pass arguments count=20 to show 20 events instead of […]

Support for Duplicate Post added

Simple History now comes with support for the Duplicate Post plugin. When a user clones a post or a page you will se this in the history log, with links to both the original post and the new copy. It works for both build in pages and post, and with custom post types.

Support for Redirection plugin added

With over 600.000 active installs the Redirection plugin is a pretty popular WordPress plugin. So when there was a request for supporting it I agreed it would be a good idea to add support for it. So in the latest version of Simple History there is now support for the plugin Redirection. The following things […]