Version 2 is finally here – more useful GUI and overall enhancements

After hundreds of hours of develeopment version 2 of Simple History is here.

It’s a major update that I’m very proud of.

Among the changes:

  • Better looking! well, at least I think so 😉
  • Code cleanup and modularization
  • Support for log contexts
  • Can handle larger logs (doesn’t load whole log into memory any more)
  • Users see different logs depending on their capability, for example an administrator will see what plugins have been installed, but an editor will not see any plugin related logs
  • Use nonces at more places = more secure than before
  • More filters and hooks to make it easier to customize
  • Much better logging system to make it much easier to create new loggers and to translate logs into different languages
  • Features as plugins: more things are moved into modules/its own file
  • Much much more!

Download and install now and don’t forget to give it a nice review if you like it!