Actions performed in plugins “User Switching” and “Enable Media Replace” now visible in Simple History

Good news everyone!

Simple History now has basic support for logging events from some third party WordPress plugins. First out is the User Switching plugin and the Enable Media Replace plugin.


Plugin User Switching

The event log will show

  • when a user switched to another user,
  • when they switched back
  • when they switched off

Both the user that is being switched off, and the user being switched on will be shown in the log.

Plugin Enable Media Replace

The event log with show

  • When a user replaces an attachment with another attachment
  • The name of the old and the new name will be included in the log

Support for logging actions in User Switching and Enable Media Replace is available in Simple History 2.2, released today. View the changelog for details. Don’t have the plugin already? Then just download it or install it from inside your WordPress admin panel!