Now logs when users resets passwords + easier to see time of event

Version 2.4 of Simple History brings a wanted addition to the event log: when hovering the time of an event the tooltip now displays both the local time and the GMT time of the event. This change makes it easier for admins in different timezones that work together on a site to understand when each event happened.

Screenshot showing both local and GTM time on an event in the Simple History plugin

The update also brings two new logged things:

  • First it now logs when a user uses the password reset form. This a a nice thing to have as an admin of a site with many users. If a user is having problem logging in you can know that they have requested the password to be changed.

  • Secondly it now also logs when a user changes their password using the page they reach when they click the link that they get in the email they get when they request the password change. Also a very nice thing to have on sites with many users, so you can know that the users successfully manage to change their passwords.