2.1.2: the fastest update so far

Well, it took some time to get this release out, but it was worth it: Simple History is now faster than ever before.

Was it not fast before, you may ask. And yes, it was. Most of the time anyway: to minimize the risk of the database growing to large Simple History by default removes all events that are older than 60 days. This behavior is however something that you as a user can change using filters.

If you wanted, you could expand this from 60 days to for example 120 days. Or disable it completely, making Simple History store all site events forever. And forever in combination with lots of users and lots of updated equals a very large log after some months. And that’s when the plugin got a little slow.

Until this version that is. With this release Simple History automagically checks how many events there are the last week or month, and if the number is large it applies a search filter during load, so it only loads for example the events from last week. Or last two weeks. It’s pretty smart so it adapts to the number of events you have. Large amount of events = only load the last week. Small amount of events = load the last month, or even all events no matter the time.

Screenshot of Simple History with a default date filter applied

More nice things in this release

This release also features some other nice things:

  • We now have a Finnish translation. Thanks to the translator!
  • The plugin now works as a must-use-plugin.
  • More filters!
  • Some setting pages could give warnings when saving the settings. Should be fixed now.
  • And finally the export function is actually enabled for all users 🙂

Check out the full changelog over at wordpress.org. And please take some time to give it a nice review if you use this plugin and like it!